Pro Bono Director

POSITION: Pro Bono Director of the South African Coalition for the International Criminal Court

LOCATION: At this point the person could be based anywhere, working out of a 'virtual office' and on a flexible time commitment basis. The position is pro bono until the person can attract the necessary funding to sustain the organisation, and then relocate to South Africa or the SADC region

QUALIFICATIONS AND PRIOR EXPERIENCE: The applicant must speak, read and write French and English. Spanish would be an advantage. Proficiency in English at the highest level is a non-negotiable requirement. While a law qualification is not necessary, it will certainly be an advantage. However, applicants must be able to demonstrate expert familiarity and experience with ICC issues and/or international justice and show prior experience in analytical research, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, fundraising, marketing and advocacy. 


  • Ensuring that SACICC realises its strategic objectives over thr period 2010-2014
  • Appointing a new Board for SACICC and contributing to SACICC's sustainability
  • Providing effective, accountable and transparent management 
  • Developing a comprehensive SADC regional structure of collegial organisations promoting the ICC and establishing commensurate networks
  • Establishing a student network and internship programme
  • Establish awareness raising and training campaigns for parliamentarians, army, police, the judiciary, magistrates, prosectors, CSOs and citizens within SADC
  • Developing SACICC's research, investigative, monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Developing a cadre of professional human rights investigators, monitors and reporters in the SADC region
  • Entrenching SACICC as a major role player in the human rights sector within SADC, with emphasis on the fight against impunity, particularly through the ICC
  • Expanding ratification and implementation of the ICC in the SADC region
  • Campaigning for for a strong, independent and fair ICC with universal jurisdiction
  • Enhancing Africa's articulation of informed critique of the ICC and to provide indigenous research on ICC issues which impact on Africa
  • Engaging with high-level government officials, the AU, UN agencies, ICC officials, collegial organisations and grass-roots movements and vulnerable communities
  • initiating our proposed multi-sector survey on the ICC in SA and then in SADC (important as the results would indicate how we position SACICC)
  • Leading on SACICC's awards for promoting justice in Africa 

Please send your CV with a brief motivation stating why you are the best person for the position to For further information please contact our Chairperson, Anil Naidoo at

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