SACICC is seeking new Board members

SACICC is seeking to appoint 6 individuals to its Board. For more information on SACICC, visit our website at SACICC is based in Durban, South Africa and ideally, nominees should be able to travel to Durban for Board meetings. In the event that costs associated with attending Board meeting be prohibitive, we will facilitate such Board member's contribution to meetings via an audio-visual link. In short, technology now allows nominees to be based anywhere in the world.

As a whole, our Board should have the following expertise and experience:

  1. Leadership and good governance involving culturally diverse and vulnerable groups
  2. Project cycle management of complex projects
  3. Financial management
  4. Fundraising and resource mobilisation
  5. Research
  6. Investigating, monitoring and reporting on human rights violations
  7. Human rights
  8. Campaigning, advocacy, lobbying and citizen participation
  9. Communications and marketing
  10. Substantive engagement with ICC issues and in particular, ratification and implementation in the SADC region
  11. Sound grasp of African human rights issues
  12. High level engagement with governments, the AU, UN agencies and the like

In addition to this nomination form, a curriculum vitae of the nominee must be submitted to

We thank you in advance for your nomination.


Anil Naidoo

Chairperson, SACICC

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