Our strategy

South Africa enacted implementation legislation in 2002 and since then, SACICC has remained largely inactive. SACICC has however continued to support campaigns in the rest of Africa. This support has precipitated a growing recognition within SACICC, of its continued relevance.

In accordance with this recognition, SACICC has developed specific strategic objectives for the period 2010-2014. These objectives are to:

  • Expand ICC ratification and specifically implementation within SADC
  • Ensure that South Africa and SADC states meet their ICC and other human rights obligations
  • Build the capacity of SADC state institutions to comply with their ICC obligations
  • Build the capacity of collegial SADC-based organisations to effectively engage with ICC issues
  • Establish a network of SADC-based organisations working on ICC issues
  • Raise public awareness in regard to the ICC  
  • Establish a cadre of professional African human rights monitors, investigators and reporters willing, able and committed to providing independent research on ICC issues and embarking of fact-finding missions
  • Launch SACICC's "International Awards for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa"

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